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Our Impact

Making Patient Care Affordable in Pharmacies, Hospitals and Clinics

Across the country in our pharmacies, hospitals and clinics generic medicines are dispensed to fill more than 74% of all prescriptions in Canada and only cost 21.8% of the money we spend annually on prescription medicines.

Some of the most prescribed generic medicines are priced at a 90% discount off the price of the brand-name drug. That means we can treat up to 10 patients for the cost of treating one patient with the brand-name version. Every day in Canada, an average of 2.2 million prescriptions are dispensed using generic medicines.

Contribution to our Provincial Healthcare Systems

Savings from 1% Increase in Use of Generics*

Private sector
Public sector
British Columbia
$ 36.9M
$ 19.8M
$ 56.7M
$ 39M
$ 34.8M
$ 73.8M
$ 11.8M
$ 12M
$ 23.8M
$ 14M
$ 12.8M
$ 26.8M
$ 168.5M
$ 142.3M
$ 310.8M
$ 140.6M
$ 111.3M
$ 251.9M
New Brunswick
$ 15.1M
$ 7.5M
$ 22.6M
Nova Scotia
$ 18M
$ 9.8M
$ 27.8M
Prince Edward Island
$ 2.1M
$ 1.1M
$ 3.2M
Newfoundland Labrador
$ 8.3M
$ 4.3M
$ 12.6M
$ 454.3M
$ 810M
* millions of dollars

Source : IQVIA, 12 months ending December 2022